PT Veltrino International Trading is a rapidly growing company specializing in supplying goods and services. We are distinguished by being established in a city recognized for its historically significant trading hub, Jakarta, Indonesia. Veltrino was established with the purpose to unify the trade expertise and a team of young and dynamic professionals who previously worked in many distinguished companies whereby they have acquired expertise in their fields.

As a trading Company, Veltrino imports and exports goods and products and engages in various related services. We operate a strict ethical and environmental policy.

Veltrino initially started its business by processing and exporting condiment products such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, Arabic beans, cashew nuts, cardamom, vanilla, and black pepper. Our professionals provide these products carefully from reliable sources who engage themselves in natural farming practices. However, through consistent quality control and established relationships with our shareholders, Veltrino has commenced itself as a reliable trading business not only for spices but for medicines, household and medicine appliances, major cosmetic trading products, such as perfumes, soaps, powders and others,
house hold appliances and even more.

Our success is inextricably linked to our professional capabilities and a team of highly committed, skilled and trained staff that allows us to source large volumes of all our products at competitive prices and the highest quality. Veltrino has strong support from our suppliers, who give us access to a wealth of knowledge and products.


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