Nutmeg is the seed or the ground spice created by grinding the seeds of several species of the genus of Myristica. Typically, Myristica fragrans, which are also known as true nutmeg or fragrant nutmeg, are used for the purpose. Nutmeg is produced from an evergreen tree with dark leaves which is cultivated for the two spices it produces – mace, from its seed coverings, and nutmeg, from its seeds.

Everything you need to know about Nutmeg and Everything you need to know about Mace

Nutmeg and Mace Specifications

Nutmeg without Shell

  • Grade : ABCD
  • Origin : {Indonesia}
  • Grade : SS (Sound Shrivel)
  • Origin : {Indonesia}
  • Grade : BWP (Broken, Wormy, Punky)
  • Origin : {Indonesia}


  • Origin : {Indonesia}

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