Cardamom: 4 Medical benefits of consuming cardamom

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Many spices have medical significance and at night help you to control blood pressure and many other issues. Cardamom is most commonly used while making food, and it is also a great source of rich odour in sweets. There are many ways in which cardamom can be used and consumed. This Indian originated fragrance spices have gained popularity all over the world by their unique flavour. You can use cardamom in your food dishes, whether it is spicy or sweet. Being of Indian origin, cardamom is mainly used in special curry, rice and many other tasty spicy dishes. 

There are many misconceptions about cardamom being the most unnecessary spice, but it is not true. Like other spices, you cannot rely on cardamom to give a dish its complete flavour. You need to use cardamom as a complimentary ingredient in dishes like curry, biryani, rice and many more. This was all about the benefits of cardamom in the field of cooking and food. But, cardamoms medical use cases is also a reason due to which it has become a major point of significance of cardamom. 

Cardamom is one of the most useful spices in the field of medicines which have been gaining attention lately. The use of cardamom enhances the aroma of anything in which it is added, which is one of the major reasons to use cardamom. Firstly, you must know the details about cardamom and its origin to get a detailed idea of it. This will be very helpful for you to know the benefits in the field of medicines of cardamom. 

What is Cardamom?

Cardamom is one of the most useful and well-known spices which is used all over the world. There are many dishes in which cardamom plays a huge role in enhancing the taste and also giving it its taste. The taste of cardamom is quite known to people from Asia and mostly from India from where it has originated. The strong flavour of cardamom is the real reason why it has so much importance in every field. 

This multipurpose spice is quite well known to give an additional sweet taste to dishes like rice, curry, sweet dishes and many more. Apart from this, cardamom is used for medical reasons and added to many ayurvedic medicines, which can really make a difference. It is most commonly used in medicines that include many other herbs and boosts metabolism in the body. This is just an example of the uses of cardamom, and it has many other health benefits. 

Medical benefits of consuming cardamom

●     Respiratory diseases

There are many respiratory diseases, but asthma is one of the most deadly and serious ones out of it. This is caused due to the blood pressure being low towards the lungs and many other reasons. Well, cardamom can be a great option for you to get the blood to reach towards lungs and supply help to breathe properly. Cardamom does help in thinning the blood, which will be helpful to reach the lungs. You can consume cardamom directly, or you can add it to water to give it a warm temperature to drink. To sum up, this is one of the major medical benefits of consuming cardamom. 

●    Cures mental illness

Currently, 3 in every 5 people are suffering from mental issues, which is mainly caused by taking too much stress. Well, mental illnesses like depression, anxiety etc., needs to be calm down by own efforts and from the use of medicines. You can use cardamom to get rid of bad thoughts due to aromatic fragrance, which can be a great help for you. The aroma and its power can be a great stress buster for people suffering from severe or moderate anxiety, depression etc. Therefore, you can add cardamom and give it a boil to drink and get stress free. 

●    Digestion and bad breath

Cardamom is not only an aromatic spice, but you can use it to get rid of digestive issues and bad breath. Digestive issues can be a real pain in your head, and cardamom will help you to get rid of them. Being a space, you can get rid of digestive issues, which will be done by improving gut power by cardamom. In addition to that, the aroma and fragrance of cardamom is a great option for you to get rid of bad breath. You can simply chew cardamom, and it will work as a mouth freshener. 

●    Liver Health:

Cardamom can also be used to protect the liver from toxins. This spice contains detoxifying properties which help in removing toxins from the body. It also helps to treat problems like fatty liver and liver damage. 

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